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Katharina Füssel | Recruiting Manager - Interns

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to apply?

Generally, we prefer online applications.

When should I submit my application?

If you would like to work as in intern at zeb, then submit your application approximately three to six months before your desired start date. Student assistants, however, are recruited in a much shorter period. The start dates can be found in the respective job advertisements.

What is the minimum length of internships?

For an internship at zeb, you should be able to stay at least eight weeks — preferably more.

How many hours per week should student assistants work?

Our student assistants work, on average, 5–10 hours per week. During semester breaks, a higher number of working hours can be arranged.

Are internships at zeb paid?

Our interns receive competitive remuneration.

Do I need to complete an internship at zeb before I can write my thesis in the company?

There are two possibilities for writing a thesis at zeb: You can either apply for an advertised topic, or you complete an internship first. If during the internship we find out that you and zeb are a good match, and if we both find a suitable topic, we will support you in writing your bachelor or master thesis.